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 ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
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Your Genesee County Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee wishes to remind you that there are many methods that can be used to assist you in trying to bring a resolution to your disputes that will allow you to avoid the often costly and time consuming process of seeking the assistance of a Judge or Jury.  Alternative Dispute Resolution offers numerous methods to assist you in having your matters addressed.  Some of these include:

Pre Suit Mediation – Some matters just don’t need the cost, expense and delays associated with litigation.  In these cases a trained mediator can be of great assistance in helping the potential litigants a way of resolving their disputes before having to dive into a lengthy and costly litigation.

Discovery Mediation – Disputes over discovery often become a larger battle than the litigation they arise within.  A judge, even when available, with a busy docket and more pressing matters, may often not provide a satisfying ruling.  Mediating these disputes can likely lead to a quicker, fairer and more focused result for your clients.

Pending Case Mediation – Study after study has continued to show that mediation is one of the most effective tools for resolving a case.  With uncertain court time frames and clients in need of resolving their disputes it is clearly worth an attempt.

Arbitration – Some cases are just not going to settle. Arbitration can provide some finality to a matter and at times can greatly streamline the fact presentation to cut out unnecessary delays and costs.   Parties can choose a one person arbitrator; a panel of three or any other method they believe works in their specific case.

Fortunately the Genesee County Bar Association has many members who are greatly qualified to provide these services in all areas of law.  Depending on your circumstances arrangements can be made to conduct these proceedings in person, virtually or in another manner that is consistent with your needs.  A list of the members of our committee who would be more than happy to assist you in exploring your ADR needs and working with you to perform them in a safe manner are located in the blue box to the right.  You are welcome to contact William Brickley, Chair of the ADR Committee, 810-287-1119, or, to assist you in locating the Mediator who best fits your needs. 

In addition the Community Resolution Center also offers low cost mediation services and in some cases free services to those who qualify looking to mediate their disputes.


ADR Committee Members:

Linda Berker
William Brickley
Jose Brown
George Brueck
Kathleen Buckley
Bob Chimovitz
Barbara Dawes
Peter Doerr
Charles Filipak
Hon. Judith A. Fullerton (Ret.)
Michael Gildner
Walter Griffin