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 Law Day Awards
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Liberty Bell Award

In 1962, from a concept developed by Thomas C. Yeotis and Richard Ruhala, the Genesee County Bar Association became the first bar in the counrty to develop and bestow the Annual Liberty Bell Award. Before long, the idea spread to other local and state bar associations, eventually reaching the American Bar Association. Through the years, five area Liberty Bell honorees have been given the Liberty Bell Award through the State Bar of Michigan.

Award Criteria:
"The award honors local citizens and organizations who have contributed in an exemplary manner to his/her community and by his/her conduct, served to advance the administration and cause of justice in the community."


Liberty Bell Recipients

James S. Pass
Mildred Hodges
Earl Sheridan
Joseph A. Anderson
Dr. Fleming Barbour

Marvin Levey
Karl Schwartzwalder
Howard J. Auer
Mrs. Mabel Eugenis
Thomas Kay

Stuart M. Spice
Mr. and Mrs. Forbes K. Merkley
Guy V. Houston

Roger Cramton
Roger Townsend
Miss Vivien Ingram
Mrs. Donald Cushman

Clarence H. Young
Colonel E. Gillespie
Mrs. Odell Broadway

Floyd J. McCree
William C. Crick
Mrs. Verna H. Barkey

Edward A. TedMcLogan
Arthur H. Sarvis
James A. Kintz

Maysoe J. Jarrett
Merliss Brown
Mrs. Robert Hameister

Mrs. Ophelia Bonner
Zolton Pap
Dr. Hira E. Branch

Dr. John W. MacKenzie
Mrs. Lawrence E. Schaefer
Dr. Clarence B. Kimbrough

Melvin Banner
Robert E. Ennis
Margaret Simberg
Norman W. Bully

Dr. Gerald Schneberger
Mrs. James Applegate
Fred Dent

Mrs. Ellen M. Howe
Mrs. Sonya Helmer

Mrs. Judith Banfield
Danny D. Sain
Dr. Vivian Lewis

Paul Parker
Harriet Kenworthy
William L. Keaton

Dan Hunter
Mrs. Roberta Somach
Carol C. Pierson

Naomi Murray
Norman Asseltine
Frank Sczepanski

William Hamilton
Cecil McKinnon
Laura Steibel

Ronald Warner
Chester Hughes, Jr.
Sybyl Atwood

Edith Campbell
Rev. Avery Aldridge
Erwin Davis

Mrs. E. Hill Delony
Mike Bennett
Elmer A. Knopf

Carl Mason
Marion Miller
James Patton

Edward Badrow (Ned)
Dr. Robin Widgery
Charlotte Williams

Olive Beasley
William Minardo
Dr. Tuuri

Lt. Wilburn Legree - State Winner 99
Dr. Edelbert Rodgers
Nancy Stockham

Helen Friley
Jack Hamady
Betty Howlett

Harold Coles
Lenore Croudy
Dr. Robert G. Schafer

Leonard Press
Dr. Evelyn Golden
Ruben Burks

Bill Haley
Rev. Bob Davidson
Dolores Ennis

Lucille Bigelow
Jesse Thompson
Michael Yeagley

Rev. Reuben Russell
Ed Backus
Adeline Loikree

Father John Klein
Hugh F. Semple
Dr. Doris A. Suciu- State Winner 93

Danny R. Gaydou
William M. Hoskins
Helen Philpott

James Blakely
Kay Huber
Dr. Edwin Novak

Linda R. Clark - State Winner 96
Craig Coney
Steve Heddy

Norman R. Bryant
Mary L. Campbell
Donald R. Cronin - State Winner 97

James CapWheeler
Peppy Rosenthal
Honorable Thomas C. Yeotis

Earl Jordan
Barbara Powers
Gary Custer

Pamela Loving
Father Lorenzo
Mark Hawkins - State Winner 01

Jimmy King
Denise Smith Allen
Steve Schmidt

Hon. Bruce A. Newman (posthumously)

J. Michael Zelley
Zoanne Saab

Inez M. Brown
Donald D. Lada

Sister M. Claudia Burke
Dr. Marigowda Nagaraju

Harold Ford, ACLU

Shirley Cochran, Motherly Intercession, Inc. -- State Winner 07

Attorney William P. Daniel
Attorney Anthony J. Mansour
Hon. Harold Resteiner

Genesee County Circuit Court Information Desk and Court Officer Volunteers

League of Women Voters of the Flint Area

Barbara A. Menear

No award given

Mr. Greg Gaines, Mr. Rogers "Just Say No" Program
Mr. Jacky King, King Karate

Ms. Angie Hendershot, ABC 12

William White, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, Hurley Children's Center

Clare McClinton, Flint Water Activist
Christopher Flores, Vice President for Business Development with the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center

Paul Rozycki, East Village Magazine

UAW Local 598


Law Day Golden Apple Award

Award Criteria:
The nominee is an outstanding educator in Genesee County who is recognized for the habit of offering professional guidance and advice to their students and fellow teachers and is recognized as a role model who volunteers for worthwhile community projects, including Law Day and related activities.

For a nomination form click here. All nominees will be considered by the Genesee County Bar Association Law Day committee. The award recipient will be recognized at the Bar Association’s Annual Law Day Luncheon. The deadline to respond is March 8, 2017 by 5:00 p.m.


Joe Eufinger (date unknown), Central H.S.

Rosie Howell (date unknown), Beecher H.S.

1983 Sharon Chapel, Clio H.S.

1987 Grant Bellinger, Fenton H.S.

1994 Unknown

1995 Dr. Dorothy Sample

1996 Susan Sharp, St. Roberts School

1997 Harold Clayton Ford, Beecher H.S

1998 Unknown

1999 Lisa Hanba, Bentley Schools

2000 Nadine Roberts, Northwestern Edison

2001 Mike Yeagley. Flushing H.S.

2002 Lou Kellum, Northern H.S.

2003 Bob Legutko, Swartz Creek H.S.

2004 Richard Adams, Montrose H.S.

2005 Tendaji Ganges, UM-Flint

2006 Ann Lossing Ruwart, Legal Services of Eastern Michigan

2007 Susan Griffin, Valley Christian Academy

2008 Gary Smith, Grand Blanc High School

2009 Flint Public Library

2010 Jeff Nagy, Genesee Intermediate School District

2011 Arlene Sparks, Genesee County Community Action Resource Department

2012 No award given

2013 Steve Powers, Flushing Middle School

2014 Loraine Brinker, International Academy of Flint

2015 Fredreck "Jim" Fuller, Swartz Creek High School

2016 Vickie Weiss, City School ~ Grand Blanc Community Schools

2017 Kristen Mignerey, Seymour Elementary School, Flushing Community Schools

2017 Aisha Sherwood, Springview Elementary School, Flushing Community Schools

2018 Jodi Aboneaaj, Davison High School

2018 Scott Thurlow, Grand Blanc High School

2019 Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea, Ph.D., Mott Community College


Law Day Crime Victim Advocate Award

1994 Roger Sharpe, Sharpe Funeral Home

1995 Shirley Walker, Community Advocate

1996 Unknown

1997 Unknown

1998 Unknown

1999 Cheryl Wyms

Dr. Melissa Hamp
Dr. Brian Nolen

Police Chief Eric King, Mt. Morris Township Police Department
Dr. Ira Rutherford, Superintendent, Beecher Community Schools

Carolyn Sims
Det. James Santa, Flint Twp.

2003 Jeff Nye, State Police Crime Lab

2004 Lisa Jaworski, Pros. Office

2005 Polly Sheppard

2006 Pastor Lewis Randolph, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

2007 Hon. Brenda Clack, State Representative

2008 Detective Ron Skarzinski, City of Fenton

2009 Hon. Robert E. Weiss, posthumously

2010 Dr. Edwin Gullekson, Medical Director of McLaren's Child Evaluation Center for Abused Children

2011 Jan Praefake

2012 Rick Calhoun (in memory of Dominick Calhoun)

2013 Det. Gerald Parks, Genesee Township Police Department

2014 Jonquil Bertschi, Weiss Advocacy Center

2015 Ann Kita, YWCA Crisis Counselor Coordinator

2016 Jay Kommareddi, Genesee Human Trafficking Task Force

2017 Randall J. Petridies, retired Genesee County Assistant Prosecutor

2018 Julie Lopez, Director of Crime Stoppers

2019 Dr. Terri McCormick, DMV, Veterinarian