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 Annual Awards
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GCBA Annual Awards     

Herbert A. Milliken, Jr., Civility Award
Criteria “The nominee is a long-time, practicing member of the Genesee County Bar Association who is recognized for the habit of offering professional guidance and advice to their fellow attorneys and being widely recognized as a professional role model who demonstrates the highest standards of professional courtesy and civility combined with a zealous and thorough advocacy on behalf of their clients.”

For a nomination form click here.

1995 Jon T. Warren
1996 Earnest M. Joseph
1997 Robert L. Segar
1999 Dale E. Andrews
2000 Edwin W. Jakeway
2001 Jerome F. O’Rourke
2002 Earl J. Cline
2003 Richard Goldstein
2004 Kendall B. Williams
2005 Pamela Wistrand
2006 Leonard Shulman (posthumously)
2007 Richmond M. Riggs
2008 Linda L. Pylypiw
2009 William D. Smith
2010 Brian M. Barkey
2011 Carl L. Bekofske
2012 James C. Dillard
2013 Robert M. Chimovitz
2014 James N. Bauer
2015 Lynne A. Taft
2016 Edward B. Davison
2017 Richard F. McNally
2018 Ward Chapman

2019 Edward G. Henneke
2020 William J. Brickley
2021 Hon. Mark C. McCabe

2022 Walter P. Griffin
2023 Timothy H. Knecht


GCBA Young Lawyers Award
Criteria "The Young Lawyer award shall be bestowed by the GCBA Young Lawyers Section to a long-time practicing member of the Genesee County Bar Association who has continuously shown a special interest in mentoring GCBA young lawyers. The nominee shall be recognized for the habit of offering professional and personal guidance and advice to young lawyers. The nominee shall also be recognized for a consistent accommodating and supportive nature toward GCBA young lawyers. (The award is not necessarily given annually but is given when appropriate recipients are identified.)"

1986 Fred Salim
1987 Harry McAra
1988 William Goldberg
1989 Herbert Milliken
1990 Andrew Transue
1991 Ivor Jones
1994 Thomas Yeotis
1997 Kenneth Siegel
2012 Hon. Joseph J. Farah
2013 Erwin F. Meiers, III
2014 No Award Given

Distinguished Case Evaluator
“Mediators who, in the eyes of Circuit Court, have established a good reputation for fairness, preparedness and the ability to ask the right questions.”

Lawrence E. Nill (posthumously)
1992 Herbert A. Milliken, Jr.
1993 C. Robert Beltz
1994 Dale E. Andrews
1995 Robert P. Keil
1996 Edwin W. Jakeway
1999 Earl J. Cline
1999 Hon. John T. Connolly
1999 Carol A. Fallis
2000 Donald G. Rockwell
2002 Brian M. Barkey
2003 Clifford H. Hart
2004 Robert L. Segar
2005 Richard F. McNally
2006 Edward G. Henneke
2007 Walter P. Griffin
2008 No Award Given


Pro Bono Attorney of the Year
“An award bestowed by
Legal Services of Eastern Michigan to a member of the Genesee County Bar Association who has unstintingly given freely and graciously of their time and energy to provide free legal assistance to those of modest means.”

Francine Cullari (year unknown)
1996 Gary J. Piggott
1997 Susan Philpott Preketes
1998 Peter L. Diesel
1999 John A. Zintsmaster
2000 Douglas Theodoroff
2001 Robert H. Bancroft
2002 Joseph E. Baessler
2003 George B. Rasch
2004 Clifford H. Hart
2005 Donna L. Ullrich
2006 Michael J. Smith
2007 James C. Dillard
2008 Edward G. Henneke
2009 M. Susan Schneberger
2010 Robert L. and Ilene A. Segar
2011 Karen L. Folks
2012 Kathleen Buckley-O'Neill
2013 Rhonda Stowers
2014 Erwin F. Meiers, III
2015 Brian M. Barkey
2016 Charles A. Boike
2017 Sherri L. Belknap
2018 Roxane M. Kaye
2019 Jessica J. Hammon
2023 John L. Hicks


O’Rourke Advocacy Award
Criteria "The Jerome F. O’Rourke Advocacy Award will be considered annually for recognition of a member of the Genesee County Bar Association who demonstrates the highest level of professional excellence in advocacy, and who exemplifies the other principles of the American Inns of Court: Professionalism, Ethics and Civility. The award is bestowed by the
Centennial American Inns of Court ."

For a nomination form click here.

Nomination deadline is Friday, April 26, 2019.

Send nominations to: Sandra Carlson, Attorney Referee, 7th Circuit Court Family Division, 900 S. Saginaw St., Flint, MI 48502

2005 Max Dean
2006 Robert L. Segar
2007 Gregory T. Gibbs
2008 H. William Reising
2009 David S. Grant, Jr.
2010 Terrance P. Sheehan
2011 Dennis R. Lazar
2012 Kendall B. Williams
2013 No Award Given
2014 Philip H. Beauvais, III
2015 Glenn M. Simmington
2016 John A. Zintsmaster
2017 Jessica Mainprize-Hajek
2018 Carl L. Bekofske
2019 Lynne A. Taft

2022 George Hamo
2023 Alexandra Nassar



Brian M. Barkey Community Service Award
The Brian M. Barkey Community Service Award recognizes a GCBA attorney member or affiliate member who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to community service and provided volunteer services to charitable, religious, civic, community, governmental or educational organizations which have improved Genesee County. 


Criteria Guidelines:

The recipient has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to community service by volunteering in the following ways:

  • Community service hours which show a length and degree of the recipient’s service and dedication to community service.
  • All services provided must be voluntary, uncompensated, and not compelled.
  • The recipient should serve as a role model for compassion, service, and strive to make the Genesee county community a better place.The recipient’s actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution to the community

For a nomination form click here

2016 Hon. Duncan M. Beagle
2017 Michael A. Tesner
2018 Hon. F. Kay Behm
2019 Sherri L. Belknap
2020 Hon. Jessica J. Hammon

2021 Dean T. Yeotis
2022 Heather V. Burnash
2023 Donald G. Rockwell



State Bar Annual Awards by GCBA Members
1992 Otis Smith, Champion of Justice
1997 Robert L. Segar, Champion of Justice
2000 Edwin Jakeway, Respected Advocate
2001 Walter P. Griffin, Respected Advocate
2009 Brian M. Barkey, Unsung Hero Award
2014 Francine Cullari, Roberts P. Hudson Award