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Nathan J. Collison

License: P76031

Thomas A. Connolly

License: P26416

Hon. John L. Conover

License: P12147

BreeAnna K. Conover Moore

License: P 64743

Richard E. Cooley

License: P12190

William R. Coppel

PO Box 352 Goodland, FL 34140

Phone: 810.252.3095   


License: P12220
Retired from the active practice of law in January 2009.

Dolores M. Coulter

License: P12262

Hon. William H. Crawford II

License: P 34767

Dawn D. Crichton

License: P64214

Robert M. Crites

License: P12341

Francine Cullari

License: P34613

Richard F. Cummins

Jo Robin Davis

License: P31263

Edward B. Davison

License: P26421

Barbara C. Dawes

License: P39272

Lawrence J. Day

License: P26299

Max Dean

License: P12590

James L. Delaney

License: P28264

Philip S. DellaSantina

License: P12652

William E. Delzer

8332 office Park Drive, Suite B Grand Blanc, MI 48439

Phone: (810) 603-1000    Fax: (810) 603-1004


License: P68488